Tuesday, 26 January 2010

December 26th - 31st 1914

December 26th - Saturday

We all have thick heads, did not get to bed till after 1am. Mounted guard at 6 again till 9. Did not feel up to it. Head is spinning, I am half asleep.

December 27th - Sunday

A strong rumour about leaving Malta for England. Off guard at 09:30. Went to the Dublin Bar with our Irish friends. Lieutenant Long treats us to 1/- each. Had a real good feed followed by a sing song. Got back to barracks at 10:30pm.

December 28th - Monday

Told to pack our kits before mounting guard, on the usual post at night. Relived by 1st Batt. at 12:30. Had dinner and then marched off to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay at 2:30. Had own tea on arrival, were examined by Major Parr and passed alright. Happy as sandboys.

December 29th - Tuesday

Handed in our drills and helmets. Everybody is completely rigged out in (can't read due to smudge) and small kit. Big Xmas mail in, was fairly lucky about 10 letters and parcels.

December 30th - Wednesday

Marched to St. Georges and handed in old equipment and arms. Done over 20 miles. Taken before Major Parr when I got back with the other fellows and we were told we could not go. No exam.

Would not accept it, made a complaint and had awful row that night with Gen. Sgt.

December 31st - Thursday

Checking stores all day, tables, forms, lamps, tents, blankets & accoutrements. Others handed their kits in, I were out away, mine refused. Felt miserable & wild & vicious in turn. Went and appealed to Capt Saunders but he could not help me.


  1. It's interesting that the entries seem to be getting shorter...
    I can't flip ahead, but it that the case for the rest of the journal?

    I'm loving this!!

  2. The entries are generally more compacted but there's a lot more, smaller hand-writing and difficult to read sometimes! There's so much but I almost need a month in a room with no distractions, heh!

    SO glad you glad it, means a lot on many levels :D